How to login to WhatsApp with a number that is no longer active

WhatsApp is now a very popular application so that all Android and IOS-based smart phones have the WhatsApp application installed. However, if you experience an error when you want to enter the WhatsApp application, it turns out that the number used is no longer active, of course this can be confusing for the cellphone user.

Is there a way to keep logged in when the number is inactive? Don’t worry, we will give you a way to log in using a number that is no longer active.

How to enter WhatsApp using a number that is no longer active:

1. If you are still in a grace period, immediately top up your credit so that the number can be active again.

2. But if your number has expired or is inactive, please visit the nearest operator’s customer service.

3. After arriving at the operator’s booth, immediately ask for help to reactivate your number which has been forfeited.

4. For the applicable requirements you only need to bring a valid identity card for verification of user numbers.

5. If the number is complete and active again, please enter the WhatsApp application.

6. Verify WhatsApp using the reactivated number.

7. If the above steps have been completed you can get your WhatsApp account back.

that’s how to log in to the WhatsApp application even though the number used is inactive. This method is legal so don’t worry if you want to do it.

Using the TextNow application

How to log in with a number that is no longer active can also be done by using the TextNow application.

This application is an application that can be obtained by downloading it on the Play Store and then installing it on your cellphone. How do I use the TextNow application? For those of you who want to create a WhatsApp account without the need to verify with your cellphone number by using the TextNow application. Here’s how you can use it.

1. Download on your HP Play Store, then install the TextNow application.

2. Then you will get a fictitious mobile number.

3. Please verify WhatsApp using this number.

4. The verification process uses SMS but will usually be declared failed.

5. Then please use the call feature to verify.

6. Enter the Verification Code provided.

7. After this step is complete, your WhatsApp account is ready to use.

That’s the way you can do to log in to the WhatsApp application using a number that is no longer active.